The “Problem-based learning institute” (PBL Institute) is a non-profit organization that aims to provide different educational consultancy in the sphere nowadays didactics in the settings of non-formal school, vocational, higher education. PBL Institute owns progressive paths in any kind of education realizing modern principles of nowadays education in terms of collaboration, contextually, self-direction and constructivism.

PBL Institute Expertise is in: Teachers’ training; Problem-based learning application through training of teachers in higher education; Teachers’ information literacy; Problems’ situations creation for PBL; Facilitation methodology for preparing prospective teachers; Teamwork and group work methodology; Authentic assessment; Learning individualization; Communities of Practice; Business Ethics; Social entrepreneurship; Quality of Higher Education; Non-formal learning strategies and methods; Problem-based learning application development of pre-school, primary and social pedagogy specialists; Problem-learning in pre-school, primary, basic and gymnasiums schools; Contemporary learning strategies and methods; Innovative learning space.


  • Conduct trainings on Problem-based learning, Project-based learning and Action learning methodologies;
  • Generates innovative projects’ ideas according EU priorities reflecting target group’s interests and needs;
  • Carries out social research study to highlight and justify the problem;
  • Consultancy on the project strategy, methodologies, dissemination and valorization issues;
  • Execution of the project for the dissemination and valorization activities;
  • Communicates with the project services’ and goods suppliers;
  • Monitors the implementation of the project scope and quality;
  • Prepares methodological materials (didactic area) of the project target groups;
  • Fills the draft interim and final reports;
  • Helps you prepare for and represent the organization during NA monitoring visits / auditing;
  • Organizes practice placements for trainees.

Director and project leader of the Problem based learning and training institute is Dr. Mikas Balkevičius. Mr. Mikas Balkevičius has a PhD in the Social Sciences, Education. He is a KOL and among the key PBL experts in Lithuania. The Project manager has master degree in Public Administration (EU Policy and Administration) as well as in Economics, and a bachelor degree in Education.

Dr. Mikas Balkevicius has over 10 year working experience with EU educational projects as a project manager in Vilniaus kolegija

The team of Problem-training institute and its director in particular, have experience in Project based learning; Ethical Competence; Facilitation of team-based learning;; Recognition and Validation of non-formal and informal education; Education of learning to learn competence; Creation of methodical material; implementation of Quantitative and Qualitative researches in the projects.

The team of Problem-training institute is supported by youth workers and volunteers.