The event took place between 20th and 25th of November 2018 and was targeted at testing the envisaged in the project new methodology. It gathered a core group of 10 participants*5 moderators/facilitators from BGMF, *5 moderators from PBL Institute. Further, in relation with the envisaged testing of the new methodology representatives of different stakeholder groups were involved such as representatives of the educational sector, non-governmental sector, startup/entrepreneurial sector; private business and public sector. In every thematic group there were 2 moderators. The event was a Blended mobility type of training activity therefore it combined physical mobility with virtual mobility methods such as live-streaming and social media usage thus complementing and prolonging the training results. Also, the products of the different sessions and the work progress were uploaded on the created online platform and the Facebook page, such as the “Project-based learning for promotion of youth entrepreneurship competences” new methodology, its respective curriculum, and other educational materials and tools. On the bases of the generated results the methodology outcomes were further wrapped up and included in the Toolkit.

The C3 training agenda covered in particular the following:

1) Presentations, meetings and discussions regarding: a) Teaching versus facilitation”; b) Game-based learning presented: facilitation and evaluation of GBL; c) Elaboration of methodologies and sample programme for game based learning; d) Group-based learning presented: facilitation and evaluation of GBL;

2) Workshops and simulation sessions of non-formal learning: a) Practical workshop “Canvas Business model”; b) Educational Game “the Evaders”; c) Game-based learning for entrepreneurships: reflection of games in art; d) Game-based learning for entrepreneurships: paining session; e) Workshop: “Elaboration of methodologies and sample programme for game based learning”; f) Workshops: “Practical tasks for project-based learning for various stakeholders”; g) Preparation of GBL experimental testing; h) Practical workshop with young people at school age: “Group-based learning information share methodologies”; i) Game-based learning for young people: Realizing entrepreneurships in games; j) Reflection of game in art: paining session and presentations; k) Practical tasks for project-based learning for facilitators; l) Practical workshop with young people; m) Workshop “Methodological guidelines”;

3) An exchange of experience visit: the youth workers visited and exchanged experience with teachers and pupils of Private Secondary School “Tsar Simeon Veliki”.  Brainstorming sessions were conducted regarding creation of the new methodology: Project-based learning for promotion of youth entrepreneurship competences.

All youth workers received certificates for participation, prepared by Bulgarian Memory Foundation.