The Training activity for young people event took place between 7th and 14th of June, 2018 involving 30 young participants, 15 per country 50% of whom were in a disadvantaged situation due to social and economic conditions coming from regions with differences in the ethnic and religious composition. The event was a Blended mobility type of training activity for young people therefore a variety of methods of non-formal education were used. The Activity combined physical mobility with virtual mobility methods such as live-streaming and social media usage thus complementing and prolonging the training results. The participants were stimulated to work together as well as in small groups thus creating a comfortable learning community where they feel comfortable generating new ideas and raising questions about the subject matter. This approach enhanced the group dynamics and supported the participants in acquiring of communication and teamwork abilities. These skills are much needed by those who are becoming real-life entrepreneurs. The basic elements of the created new training methodology were implemented in the event.

The C2 training agenda covered in particular the following:

1) Presentations, meetings and discussions regarding: a) Entrepreneurship in the XXI-st century; Social responsibility side of making business; b) How to finance my business idea: from bank loans to crowdfunding; c) Digitalization and innovations: challenges and opportunities to youth entrepreneurship; d) Entrepreneurship through PBL Business projects.

2) Workshops and simulation sessions of non-formal learning: a) Educational Game “Monologue VS Dialogue”; b) Workshop “Vero Tea(m): Creativity in education and business”; c) Game-based learning for entrepreneurships: *realizing entrepreneurships in games – generating ideas& performing; *paining sessions and *information research sessions and reflections; d) Open space education game “Entrepreneurship through PBL”; e) Team-based learning for entrepreneurships: generating feasible solutions of entrepreneurship challenges; generating strategies and business plans; performing SWAT analysis of business ideas; f) Workshop: Social entrepreneurships: innovative ideas for solving social problems.

3) An exchange of experience& study visit at Sofia Tech Park, Incubator building, “Hambar” Hall of Junior Achievement: the young participants met representatives of various start-up business, hosted at the premises of Sofia Tech Park and participated in a discussion with Junior Achievement Representatives who presented them in details their education and entrepreneurship support programme “Junior Achievement”. Further, young people got acquainted with the mission and activities of Sofia Tech Park and visited a number of innovative and innovation-targeted laboratories there.

All youth workers received certificates for participation, prepared by Bulgarian Memory Foundation.