The Training activity for youth workers took place between 21st and 27th of November, 2017 in Festa hotel, Bulgaria and comprised 10 youth workers 5 per each organization (BGMF and PBL Institute). A “bottom-up” approach for the trainings was applied at a smaller scale and the small group allowed intensive training with enhanced training results. Using the non-formal education methods the joint staff training event covered the essence of the training methodology envisaged to be applied and further created in the project with a focus on: 1) Different methods of PBL as learning-by-absorption (by means of absorbing new information, assimilating it and then applying it to commercial ends) and learning-by-reflection (the individual possesses knowledge of the circumstances of their actions and the interpretive and normative rules that they follow); 2) Efficient teaching methods used to teach entrepreneurship – case studies, preparing business plans, games and simulations, group projects/assignments; 3) The way social entrepreneurship and creativity can best be developed through PBL.

The C1 training agenda covered in particular the following:

1) Presentations, meetings and discussions regarding: Project-based learning; Entrepreneurship education; Business planning; Social entrepreneurship; Procedural steps of creation strategy and methodology as a result of the project; General project design: from idea to production.

2) Workshops and simulation sessions of non-formal learning: *Educational Game “Monologue

VS Dialogue”; *Workshop “Vero Cafe: Social fabric”; *Workshop “Problem structuring methodology”; *Workshop “PBL Information research methodology”; *Workshop “Learning from each other”; *Workshop “Competitional VS Cooperational” standards in Education; *Workshop “PBL Strategy creation methodology”;

3) An exchange of experience visit: the youth workers visited and exchanged experience with teachers and pupils of Private Secondary School “Tsar Simeon Veliki”. “Tsar Simeon Veliki” is among the schools Ambassadors of the European Parliament. It is a champion in the competition for most Innovative schools in Bulgaria, awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria. Brainstorming sessions were conducted regarding creation of the new methodology: Project-based learning for promotion of youth entrepreneurship competences.

All youth workers received certificates for participation, prepared by Bulgarian Memory Foundation.